What is Small Time Criminals?

Ever wondered if you’d make a good cat burglar? Think you could be picking locks or hacking computer terminals if your life had gone another way? Ever wanted to get some of your own back from the 1%?

Small Time Criminals is a game in which a team of up to six players cooperate to steal valuables from a corrupt investment bank. It’s a real world simulation: a game that uses props, set dressing, actors and lighting to create an immersive, realistic experience. You’ll be figuring out where valuables are hidden or locked up, how to find or access them, and which ones might be worth the most. There’s no “correct” way to approach Small Time Criminals – which valuables you try to steal, and in what order, are up to you. This also gives you the possibility of returning and trying different strategies to improve your score!

The game is played in a two-storey building that used to be a real bank. You’ll be met and briefed by an intermediary (played by one of our actors), who will explain the conditions of your deal and get you started on your bank heist. Then you’ll head inside the bank, and after following a few initial instructions, you’ll have free reign to look for and steal the most valuable items inside.

The game itself takes about an hour, with an additional half an hour for briefing, debriefing and scoring, so allow ninety minutes for your session and please arrive 5 minutes before the start time. You don’t need to bring anything with you except your wits! Though for safety reasons, we do require you to wear close-toed shoes during the game.