Stage your own bank heist

Small Time Criminals closed in February 2017.
Thank you to all the thieves who staged heists with us!

Pop Up Playground are currently in hibernation, but you can find out more about us at the Pop Up Playground web site.

Ever dreamed of staging your own bank heist?

Combining live performers, electronic puzzles and environmental challenges, Small Time Criminals was an immersive live-action bank heist adventure created by Pop Up Playground. Players were teams of thieves hired for a big heist, cracking the codes on safes, avoiding laser tripwires, hacking computers and hiding from the security guard in a real two-storey ex-bank in Melbourne.

Small Time Criminals is now closed. If you staged a heist with us, we’d love you to add to our other thieves’ reviews on our Tripadvisor listing and our Facebook page.

Special thanks to Darebin City Council and the Active Spaces In Darebin program.

Original Small Time Criminals logo by Sian Bennet.